Cargo Handling Facilities

Gantry cranes37 x 5/6/16/20/32/40t
Automatic mobile cranes4 x 40t
Floating crane1 x 16t
Automated forklifts50 x up to 25t
Automatic grab loaders35 x up to 3.5m3
Bridge cranes2
Roll trailers32 x 35-60t
Caterpillar cranes2 x 25t
Power shovels6
Power graders (Caterpillar)1
Car tipping devices (for discharging semi-cars)2 x 125t
Defrosting devices (for frozen bulk cargo)2 x 125t
Specialised ship unloading machines (berths 16/17/18)6 x 700/950tph
Specialised ship unloading machines5 x 40t
Terminal LLC Borivaz (West Bank):
Railway unloading conveyor600tph
Ship conveyor1,200tph
Grain testing, customs, weighing faciliites. Grain processed, cleaned, dried and stored on site.

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