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UPDATE of the BIMCO Shipping KPI 


If your company already have an account with BIMCO or the BIMCO Shipping KPI, please contact to find out how you can get access.

In the event of no one from your company yet having confirmed to have your Shipping KPI data transferred onto the new servers as part of the system update and migration, you can confirm this during the login registration process or by sending an email to to with "Consent" in the subject line, your email signature and the word “Confirm”.

If you have any questions, need more information or assistance with registration please send an email to




Please ensure that your local policy/Firewall/IT Department whitelist and do not block the below script-resources that must be whitelisted for the users in order for the BIMCO Shipping KPI to work properly:



The recent system update and migration to new servers, BIMCO’s ship performance benchmarking tool, Shipping KPI, now provides you with new features and a more user-friendly design, including:

  • Contemporary design and user-friendly layout including dynamic full screen utilisation

  • On screen information regarding available filtering options and KPIs for benchmarking

  • Improved Benchmarking report generation with optional annotations directly in graphs

  • Improved user dashboard (Home)

  • Ships, Fleets, Business Units overview for users (Overview)

  • The update also sees the reintroduction of the Ships Emission KPIs ( KPI005 O2 efficiency. KPI021, NOx efficiency, KPI030 SOx efficiency and KPI030 SOx efficiency with their associated PIs)  


How much does it cost?

For BIMCO members, Shipping KPI in its current version is free to use for now. Subscriptions or user fees might be implemented in 2024 to help support the future development of the system. For non-BIMCO members, a setup fee is applicable - please email

What is BIMCO Shipping KPI?

The BIMCO Shipping KPI platform is a global shipping industry tool for defining, measuring and reporting information on operational performance.

The Shipping KPI System is used by shipping companies to: 

  • compare their ships performance against the industry standard and potentially identify where efficiency improvements could be made

  • communicate their ship operational performance, both internally and externally 

  • gain specific and accurate comparison of both own and other users’ ships or groups of ships

  • utilise filtering of benchmarking results in terms of: age of ships, Class, DWT, flag, ship status, ship type, etc. 

The Shipping KPI Standard is hierarchical with 3 different levels:  

  • Key Performance Indicators groups (KPI groups) 

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Performance Indicators (PIs) 

There is a mathematical relation between the last two levels. In basic terms, Key Performance Indicators are calculated from Performance Indicators (lowest level) using a KPI formula. 

On the lowest level you find the PIs which are based on data capture (measurements or counters) directly from a ship or from the ship’s management. Data is collected once and re-used within the Shipping KPI Standard in order to reduce the amount of data reporting. 

Data security is paramount, and the reported data is not only anonymised but also only used in an aggregated average for benchmarking. The benchmarking rule is based on not less than 3 other KPI users and a minimum of 10 ships. BIMCO does not have access to any reported performance data. 

Shipping KPI is a system for the industry – developed, maintained and operated by the industry.

What is the history and schedule?

  • 2006: Shipping KPI was developed by a cross-industry group

  • 2011:Shipping KPI was launched to the public at IMO

  • 2015: BIMCO took ownership of the Shipping KPI

  • 2018: BIMCO launched Shipping KPI version 3.0

  • 2020: BIMCO Launched Shipping KPI version 4.0

  • 2020 BIMCO Launched a new Shipping KPI Group on Cost 

  • 2021 BIMCO launched improve user report generation functionality

  • 2022: BIMCO initiated a project to update the software platform that runs the system and to migrate it to new BIMCO servers

  • 2022 The BIMCO Shipping KPI Group on Cost have until further notice been taken down to avoid programming implecations during the mitigation to the new softwareplatform

  • 2023: BIMCO Shipping KPI system is updated and migrated to BIMCO servers, with an improved user interface and reinstating the KPIs and PIs relating to ship emissions 


What are the key advantages and functions?

  • Across industry performance benchmarking 

  • All functions and formulas are fully transparent 

  • Filtered internal & external benchmarking

  • Graphical overview of ship/fleet status and KPI performance 

  • Easy generation of status KPI and benchmarking ranking reports  

  • Increases transparency within the shipping industry 

  • Measures ships’ performance data 

  • Monitoring of internal performance improvement  

  • Online platform (no download required) 

  • Only using de-identified aggregated data for benchmarking  

  • Performance Indicators being accumulated into KPI’s

  • Quarterly reporting as recommended minimum interval 

  • Secure and anonymous for all users

  • Size of data pool equals data quality (crowd sourcing)


How does it work?

The Shipping KPI offers shipping organisations the ability to produce a visual representation of how a ship or group of ships performs during a specific time period. It uses a unique standard of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the Ship Attributes that allows users to filter information according to different type and sector of ships. This will allow the user to produce ship reports and benchmark ships across different types and sectors.

KPI Groups:

  • Environmental

  • Health and Safety

  • HR Management

  • Navigational Safety

  • Operational

  • Security

  • Technical

  • Port State Control

For further information please refer to the documentation available here. In the left hand frame, please select the correct version (4) and if applicable the chosen KPI profile. 


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The Shipping KPI System is a global shipping industry tool for defining, measuring and reporting information on operational performance. It uses a unique standard of 67 different performance indicators to allow the most specific and accurate comparison of ships - across different types and sectors - that is currently available

The data collected is anonymised and aggregated, so it does not compromise commercially sensitive information.