About us and our members

BIMCO – the practical voice of shipping

Facilitating trade is at the very heart of our business, and since 1905, we’ve helped our members keep world trade moving. We make it our business to help our members with theirs.

BIMCO members cover 62% of the world's tonnage and consist of local, global, small, and large companies. We are an organisation and global shipping community of over 2,000 members in 130 countries.

From our offices in Houston, London, Copenhagen, Athens, Brussels, Singapore and Shanghai we aim to help build a resilient industry in a sustainable future whilst protecting world trade. We do this by finding practical solutions for our members to help them manage risk in a changing world.


Contracts – We create and deliver maritime contracts

We’ve been creating contracts since the very beginning. We believe that standardised terms create equality, fairness and support business, and we believe this matters.

Our library of over 300 contracts and clauses create the tools to help members of any size across all shipping sectors. Our constantly evolving clauses mean our members can be responsive to a world that is also constantly changing.

Regulation – We explain and influence global regulation

We are always exploring and progressing every aspect of the maritime industry, planning for the future and seeking practical solutions. Our regulatory work promotes transparent and non-discriminatory standards and harmonisation within the shipping industry. We are ambitious but realistic. Our voice represents our members across the global regulatory space, such as the International Maritime Organization. We believe that together we are stronger, and together our voices are louder.

Expert Knowledge – We provide practical business services, training, information and market insight

Being the practical voice means we are more than just a shipping association. We offer our members a range of practical tools, products, services and expert advice to help them commercially navigate to a sustainable future. From training, events, publications, news and insights to market analysis, port information and voyage planning.

Our members are the catalyst for everything we do and why we do it. We represent shipping without borders, we are fair, and we believe in the power of togetherness.



Our vision

To be the chosen partner trusted to provide leadership to the global shipping industry.

Our mission

To be at the forefront of global developments in shipping, providing expert knowledge and practical advice to safeguard and add value to our members’ businesses.

Our values

  • Trusted
  • Knowledgeable
  • Relevant
  • Proactive
  • Caring

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BIMCO Publications

Want to buy or download a BIMCO publication? Use the link to get access to the ballast water management guide, the ship master’s security manual and many other publications.

Shipping KPI System

Do you want to compare your ship performance vs industry standard and identify efficiency improvements? The Shipping KPI system is the tool for you.