Upcoming Contracts and Clauses


Using feedback and experience from members and the industry, BIMCO keeps all its clauses and contracts under review. Currently, we are working on the following updates or new projects.

Upcoming Contracts and Clauses

Emissions Trading Scheme Allowance Clause(s) In 2021 the European Commission proposed the expansion of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) to cover maritime activities. The extension will cover CO2 emissions from all ships above 5000 gross tonnage, and will apply to: (i) all emissions from voyages within the EU, (ii) 50% of emissions from voyages starting or ending outside the EU, and (iii) all emissions that occur when ships are at berth in EU ports. The requirement to surrender allowances under the maritime ETS will be phased in gradually over the period 2023 to 2025. If the ETS administering authority finds that a shipping company has not complied with ETS requirements for two or more consecutive years, its ships could be denied entry to EU ports. Although the legislation is not due to be finalised until June, one of our top priorities is to develop clauses allocating the responsibility of purchasing and surrendering emission allowances. Other countries may introduce similar emissions trading systems and so we are taking a generic approach by creating clauses that facilitate compliance with not just the EU ETS, but other similar systems.
 May 2022
GENCON 2022 GENCON 94 is the industry’s most used voyage charter party for bulk trade. It is currently being updated to reflect changes in industry practice and legal developments. Among the key changes is the introduction of a new Clause 2 – the Owners’ Responsibility Clause. Overall, the new GENCON will be more comprehensive and detailed than the current edition and require fewer amendments and rider clauses  May 2022
ASBATANKVOY The ASBATANKVOY charter party is widely used in the tanker trade but has not been updated since 1977. BIMCO is working together with the Association of Shipbrokers and Agents (ASBA) in New York to refresh and modernise this popular form. H1 2023
LNG Bunker Terms To reflect the increasing use of and interest in alternative fuels by the industry, BIMCO is developing an LNG bunker purchase annex for the BIMCO Bunker Terms 2018.  H1 2022
Ship Conversion Contract The conversion contract is primarily intended to be used for larger ships. The liability regime will depend on the parties’ insurance arrangements and the contractors are responsible for the ship and property until redelivery.  Adopted February 2022, to be published May 2022
AUTOSHIPMAN AUTOSHIPMAN will be the first ship management contract for autonomous ships. It is modelled on BIMCO’s SHIPMAN agreement. It is being developed in parallel with the revision of BIMCO’s suite of ship management agreements (SHIPMAN, CREWMAN A and CREWMAN B, SUPERMAN and LAYUPMAN).  2023
Charter Party Guarantee  BIMCO’s Charter Party Guarantee caters for situations where the owners wish to have a second guarantor in addition to the charterers. The wording of the revised guarantee currently under development has been clarified considering recent case law. It places the nature of the guarantee as a “see to it” guarantee beyond any doubt.  May 2022
Wreck Removal Agreements Revision of the suite of BIMCO’s wreck removal agreements, WRECKSTAGE 2010, WRECKHIRE 2010 and WRECKFIXED 2010 is well underway. The main objective is to introduce an optional clause applying quantitative risk assessment (QRA) methods.  H2 2022
SHIPMAN | CREWMAN | LAYUPMAN | SUPERMAN Revision of this suite of third-party management agreements 2023
Infectious or Contagious Diseases Clause for Time and Voyage Charter Parties (IOCD clauses) The existing IOCD clauses (Time Charter, Voyage Charter) were drafted back in 2015 during the Ebola epidemic. Experience during COVID-19 has shown that the clauses are not ideally suited to a pandemic. The updated clauses will address both pandemics and epidemics and reflect industry practice in dealing with such situations. They will address both the human element to protect the crew against an infection and the commercial element of delays to the ships.  May 2022
 CII Clause BIMCO’s top priority is to develop contractual solutions to enable parties to comply with MARPOL’s EEXI and CII regulations which come into force on 1 January 2023. One clause will deal with the transition towards EEXI compliance and how modifications to ships are managed. Other clauses for time charter parties will focus on the more challenging aspect of complying with Carbon Intensity regulations and the ongoing obligation to improve a ship’s efficiency and reduce emissions on an annual basis. Work on the EEXI clause was completed in December 2021, the CII clause work is continuing.  May 2022

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