BIMCO represents around 60% of the shipping industry and can provide expert opinions on a wide range of policy and practical maritime issues as well as on the major sectors of the shipping market.

This section provides an overview of BIMCO’s spokespeople, their areas, biographical details and photos.


Sabrina Chao


Sabrina Chao

David Loosley

Secretary General & CEO

David Loosley

Lars Robert Pedersen

Maritime regulation & environment

Lars Robert Pedersen

Grant Hunter

Standards, Innovation and Research

Grant Hunter

Niels Rasmussen

Shipping market analysis

Niels Rasmussen, Chief Analyst at BIMCO, stands in front of BIMCO House in Bagsværd, near Copenhagen

Jakob P. Larsen

Maritime security & cyber security

Jakob P. Larsen

Aron Sorensen

Maritime digitalisation, bio fouling & safety

Aron Sørensen

Wei Zhuang

Asian maritime law & regulation

Stinne Taiger Ivø

Director for Contracts and Support


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BIMCO House and Sign

BIMCO House and BIMCO Logo

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Thomas Damsgaard

Regional Manager, Americas

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March 2023

BIMCO launches campaign to accelerate uptake of electronic bills of lading

BIMCO has launched the "25 by 25 pledge", a commitment by some of the world’s biggest shippers in the bulk sector to target moving 25% of their annual seaborne trade volume for at least one commodity using electronic bills of lading by 2025. The pledge is part of an ongoing effort to accelerate trade digitalisation and streamline the supply chain process in the bulk sector.  

December 2022

BIMCO continues to seek feedback on CII clause and explain regulatory complexities

On 16 November 2022, BIMCO published the CII Operations Clause for Time Charter Parties after the clause was adopted by the Documentary Committee. BIMCO has since initiated a process of gathering feedback on its application from members and industry stakeholders.

November 2022

BIMCO launches campaign to call for removal of single-use plastics

BIMCO has launched a campaign to raise awareness and help support the removal of single-use plastic bottles from ships.

BIMCO’s CII clause adopted

The BIMCO Documentary Committee has adopted a CII Operations Clause for Time Charter Parties which will help the industry commercially navigate the complexities of the new CII regulations from the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

BIMCO joins the Blue Visby Consortium to support digitalisation

BIMCO has joined the Blue Visby Consortium to support research into practical solutions that help reduce the industry’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

October 2022

Gudrun Janssens joins BIMCO to head new Brussels office

BIMCO has hired Gudrun Janssens as Manager, Intergovernmental Engagement, at its new office in Brussels, as the organisation seeks to be closer to the EU decision-making process and continue to expand its global reach.

BIMCO publishes updated GENCON contract 

BIMCO has published a revised and updated version GENCON 2022 - one of its flagship contracts within its portfolio of standard contracts for the maritime industry. The revisions reflect significant changes in the regulatory landscape since the contract was last updated.

BIMCO ship recycling report confirms need for non-EU yards on EU list

A report commissioned by BIMCO shows that while the EU list of approved ship recycling facilities continues to grow, new additions have not added significant capacity to meet the demands of the global shipping industry. Therefore, BIMCO believes focus must shift towards adding facilities outside of the EU. The report also shows that the EU audit system works as intended for non-EU recycling facilities.

August 2022

Shipping industry to remove the Indian Ocean High Risk Area

At 00:01 UTC on 1 January 2023, the Indian Ocean High Risk Area (HRA) for piracy will be removed. The removal of the HRA reflects a significantly improved piracy situation in the region, but voyage preparation, threat and risk assessment are essential when following Best Management Practice 5 (BMP5).  

July 2022

Nigeria and shipping industry launch strategy to eliminate piracy threat in Gulf of Guinea

The Government of Nigeria and shipping stakeholders launch a strategy to end piracy and armed robbery in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG). Despite a 60 percent decline in piracy-related attacks, following increased counter-piracy efforts, all reported crew kidnappings in 2021 were reported in the GoG. The strategy establishes a mechanism to improve and reinforce best counter-piracy practices by both local and global actors.