It is being planned by the Port to construct a deep-water berth for general cargoes. The length of the berth will be 285.0 m, depth will be 14.0 m.The design capacity is 0.8 million t/year. At present the project is at the stage of preparing the feasibilty study.The new berth will become the next object in the berth infrastructure of the Port following the construction of the deep-water berth No. 8 (for general and bulk cargoes) constructed in 2003-2004. By today it is the biggest transshipment terminal in Ukraine purposed for handling vessels of up to DWT 100,000 t. The design capacity of the terminal is 1.2 million t of general cargo per year.Together with capacities of a new berth it will constitute one more powerful transshipment terminal for general cargoes in the ports of Ukraine.

Construction of  a new specialized transshipment coal terminal  of 10.0 milliom t/year capacity is being planned in the near future as well.   

A principle of the creation of big specialized districts for transshipment and storage of homogeneous mass cargo is allocated into the scheme of port development as follows:

- For bulk cargoes of open storage (coal, ore).
- For bulk cargoes of shed storage (sulphur, phosphorites, mineral fertilizers).
- For general cargoes of open and shed storage.
- For liquid chemicals.
- Container cargoes.
- Container cargoes.

Around the port an industrial zone with its infrastructure is being formed which leads to the economic strengthening of the region, development of social and domestic sphere and creation of new vacancies.

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