Dangerous Cargo Regulations

The port handles cargoes according to International and National Regulations of carriage of dangerous cargoes.

Chemical cargoes are handled by the port at special berths and areas.

Loading and discharging district No.1 is located on the western shore of the Adjalyk Liman and intended for transshipment of chemical cargoes.The District consists of two specialized terminals:


The first terminal (berths No.1 and2) specializes in handling of bulk urea and equipped with five specialized ship-loading machines.

Total length is 488.0 m, depths at berths is 14.0 m, throughput capacity is 4 million t per year.

The second terminal (berths No. 3 and 4) specializes in the handling of liquid chemical cargoes. Odessa Portal Plant is an operator of the terminal.

The berths represent two pile piers equipped with standers, pipelines and an automatic environment control system.

At berth No.3 loading of ammonia is performed.

Berth No.4: Loading of methanol and urea ammonium nitrate solution and discharging of super phosphate acid from sea going vessels are carried out. Total length is 213.0 m, depths at berths is 14.0 m, throughput capacity is 4 million t per year.

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