• 1. Ballast


In order to prevent pollution of the port water area, the vessel administration, irrespective of any departmental affiliation and flag when approaching the Port shall have to:


Change isolated ballast taken from other areas of the World ocean to the Black sea waters when entering the Black sea and make a corresponding record in the log;


Close and seal all locking arrangements (valves, gate valves, etc.) and appliances (hatches, covers, gears, etc.) specially designated for the discharge of  harmful substances overboard  before entering  territorial waters of Ukraine and  enter a corresponding record into the log and Engine-Room Logbook. After berthing the vessel sealing of valves and appliances shall be made by a SPSI inspector according to the confirmed vessel’s sealing scheme issuing a sealing act. A copy of the sealing act shall be handed to the Master of the vessel or a person authorized;


Prove after arrival  to the Port  that the vessel complies with MARPOL 73/78 requirements by submitting necessary documents(certificate, record books, plans) to the SPSI inspector.


Vessels which do not comply with MARPOL 73/78 requirements shall not be received by the Port. 


When performing any operations with oil, oil products, oily waters and  other harmful substances it shall be necessary to close hermetically deck scuppers, install pans under hose and air pipe connections and provide a reliable control.    


All operations with oil, oil residues, oily waters and harmful substances shall be registered in the Oil Operations Log (Part 1, 2) and Cargo Operations Log (for vessels carrying harmful liquid substances in bulk).
Bunkering operations and discharge of contaminated waters to the Port shall be done when permitted by SPSI taking measures on preventing the pollution.


Note: The Pollution Control is very strict.

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