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BIMCO Masterclasses

Duration: 5-10 days (online) or 2-3 days (face-to-face)

Masterclass topics are broad and cover a range of issues, such as time charters and laytime demurrage.

Since 2020, BIMCO has introduced online masterclasses with 5-10 live sessions (60-120 minutes/session), which mirror the topics presented at face-to-face masterclasses. We continue to work with the same experts who speak at face-to-face masterclasses. 

Our trainers present each masterclass session, and there is time allocated for questions and answers during each session. All sessions are delivered via Zoom, and recordings are made available after the sessions. 

At face-to-face masterclasses, in addition to the lectures, there is greater emphasis placed on group case studies. The case studies serve as a future guide for the participants to identify solutions and apply them in their daily work. Case studies are done in small teams, enabling participants to brainstorm solutions, apply their current experiences and share knowledge.

Every participant is encouraged to attend a 60-minute assessment at the end of the Masterclass. It is an open book test, where the participant can demonstrate her understanding of the subject. The assessment will test the participant's ability to interpret, think critically and present an organised and well written answer.

All papers will be marked, and each participant will receive a BIMCO certificate based on the result: Distinction, Merit, Passed, Attended.

Charter Party Workshop is considered as a masterclass. 

BIMCO Seminars

Duration: ½-2 days

BIMCO Seminars cover a specific issue or BIMCO document(s), such as bunkering or SUPPLYTIME.

Like the BIMCO Masterclasses, the trainers will attend the seminar for the entire duration and the discussions and exchange of experiences between the trainers and the participants are an integral part of the learning objectives.

The seminars consist of lectures and group discussions. Some seminars also offer case studies, depending on the topic and time available. 

All participants will receive a BIMCO Certificate of attendance, but there is no written assessment at the end of the seminar.

BIMCO eLearning modules

BIMCO eLearning offers flexible learning beyond geographical boundaries, and BIMCO’s expertise and learning materials are offered at your fingertips via the online technology.

The BIMCO eLearning modules enable you to build on your knowledge, acquire increased professional competencies and ongoing personal development. The web-based training brings together content, curriculum and quizzes. BIMCO’s eLearning modules are entirely web-based, so you can learn wherever you are and whenever you wish.

We offer the following modules;

eLearning modules are available as a supplement to in-house courses and to online masterclass participants. Companies may purchase the 7 modules as a package (individual modules are not sold separately). 

Duration: 6 months from the date of purchase

Price BIMCO members Price non-BIMCO members Number of users
 EUR3,200 EUR4,200 Up to 10
 EUR5,200 EUR6,200 10-20
 Please contact us Please contact us 20+

BIMCO Shipping Schools

Duration: 4-5 days

The shipping schools are extended courses covering multiple topics and skills. The courses are residential, and the participants stay at the conference hotel for the duration of the course.

The trainers will be there for 1-2 days, but not necessarily for the entire duration.

The seminar consists of lectures and group discussions. Case studies are more comprehensive and may require additional studying. The “boot camp” atmosphere is a very important part of the programme. The programme will also include a range of social activities, dinners and excursions and the bonds formed by the participants can last long after the course and serve as a part of an international business network.

All participants will receive a BIMCO certificate of attendance. There can be a written assessment after or during the shipping school.


Type of course Assessment Certificate Case Studies
Masterclasses Yes

Certificate of achievement/attendance

Attended, passed, merit, distinction

Seminars No Certificate of attendance Sometimes
eLearning modules Yes Certificate of completion Yes
Shipping schools Sometimes
- if no
- if yes

Certificate of attendance
Certificate of achievement/attended, passed, merit, distinction


BIMCO Training Partners

BIMCO is offering a wide range of training topics on chartering and operations. They are suitable for a wide range of staff working with the daily commercial operation of all types of vessels worldwide. However, the complexity of modern maritime trade may also require a new or different skillset. BIMCO will continue to establish relationships with training providers, who have already developed training programmes on topics which are not part of the range of topics we are offering in BIMCO Training. 

MLA College (in partnership with University of Plymouth)

  • Topics: MetOcean Awareness
     Introduction to Finance
     Project & Leadership Management
     Protecting the Marine Environment
    Harnessing AI for Competitive Advantage
    • BSc (Hons) / MSc Sustainable Maritime Operations
    • PgDip / MSc Advanced Hydrography for Professionals
    • MSc Engineering for Marine Professionals
    • MSc Advanced Meteorology for Professionals
    • MSc Advanced Oceanography for Professionals
    • MSc Advanced Navigation for Professional
    Master in Business Administration (Maritime Operations | Marketing |
       Entrepreneurship and Innovation | Capital Markets and Finance |
       Financial Technology (FinTech))
  • Delivery: Online, E-Learning
  • BIMCO membership benefit? Yes

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