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BIMCO Masterclasses

Combining theory, discussion and casework, BIMCO’s Masterclasses are a series of individual training sessions that give you a thorough understanding of broad maritime legal issues such as Time Charters, Bills of Lading and Laytime Demurrage.

Perfect for: Shipping practitioners that who want to boost their knowledge of key maritime law topics, learn actionable insights from experts and continue their professional development (CPD).

What our participants say

“It was a truly great pleasure for me to attend this Masterclass.

Many thanks to you and your BIMCO colleagues for sharing your exceptionally informative expertise”.

- Jevgeni K., Time Charters Masterclass Online, September 2021


Learning Options:

Online - 120 minutes/day over five days or 60-90 min/day over 10 days
Face-to-face - Seven hours per day over two to three days

Teaching Method:
Case study discussions
Q&A sessions

Additional Support: All Masterclass attendees get access to BIMCO’s eLearning training platform.

Filled with engaging, educational content, this tool will help build your knowledge and support your ongoing personal development.

What our participants say

“Thank you very much for all the material and valuable information shared with all of us”.

- Marco M., Bills of Lading Masterclass Online, September 2021


Assessment Method: Open-book test taking place at the end of the course

Award: Certificate of Achievement will be issued with a grade (distinction, merit or pass). Those not taking the assessment will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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BIMCO Seminars

Centred on popular maritime subjects such as market analysis, cyber security, bunkering or BIMCO contracts and clauses, BIMCO Seminars help learners gain a firmer understanding of these specific topics. Attendees leave the seminars ready to apply their enhanced knowledge at work.

Perfect for: Shipping practitioners seeking to improve their knowledge of a specific topic from industry experts.

Learning Options:
Online - Each webinar will vary in time and duration depending on the content being covered.
Face-to-face - Each seminar will vary in time and duration depending on the content being delivered.

Teaching Method:
Group discussions
Case study analysis (on occasion)

Assessment Method: None
Award: Participants can receive a Certificate of Attendance

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BIMCO Shipping School

An accelerated and intensive programme covering the shipping industry including the economics of the shipping market, chartering, commercial operations, security and legal. BIMCO Shipping School gives participants a strong and broad foundation at the beginning of their shipping career.

Providing an all-round experience, attendees are also given valuable networking opportunities with maritime experts from the industry’s biggest companies.

Course learning objectives

  • Gain insight into how English Law shapes the drafting and performance of contracts.
  • Get the ability to approach different types of chartering propositions with a greater understanding of how they fit into the requirements of international trade.
  • Develop and use logical reasoning and critical thinking to deal with disputes.
  • Learn how risks can be reduced, using different types of insurance products.
  • Improve your understanding of the technical and engineering aspects of shipping.
  • Gain an understanding of the sequence of events and terminologies used in a chartering fixture.
  • Develop an understanding of how the maritime industry evolves and adapts through international legislation in various global forums.

Perfect for: Professionals who have recently entered the world of commercial shipping and are interested in understanding the key aspects and challenges of the industry.

This is suitable for practitioners working in shipping law, chartering, managing and operations.

Learning Options:
Face-to-face residential – one week

Teaching Method:
Case study analysis
Group discussions
Networking events
Industry trips
Industry guest speakers
Opportunity to process learnt skills such as negotiation
Award: Certificate of Attendance.

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BIMCO Maritime Law Academy

An intensive programme to develop legal knowledge, practical application of learning and provide insights into the fundamental principles of shipping and trade law. The course’s aim is to deliver a deeper understanding of the complex legal issues involved in maritime law for both shipping professionals and those outside the sector.   

Perfect for: Shipping professionals using and working in shipping and trade law.

Course learning objectives:

  • Strengthen knowledge of how maritime law is used to create a framework for agreements and contracts used in international shipping.
  • Understand how knowledge of international maritime law can be used to solve disputes and argue points of view. 
  • Become aware of the interests and concerns of other parties to a dispute, and provide practical solutions using this knowledge. 
  • Be assessed on knowledge of international maritime law and understanding of how it fits into international trade.
  • Understand how disputes are resolved by building a case on solid legal arguments, which will stand the test of arbitration or a court hearing. 

What our participants say

“I really enjoyed the Maritime Law Academy and I’d highly recommend it.

It shows you a completely different and highly realistic aspect of the shipping world, which is happening all the time. My overall experience was very, very positive”.

- Alexander Barry, Maritime Law Academy 2019

BIMCO Training Partners

BIMCO has joined forces with reputable training providers to offer students new skills and topics not covered in our current courses.

Perfect for: Practitioners looking for new skillsets such as finance and sustainability to improve their expertise in the maritime sector.

Training partner: MLA College (in partnership with University of Plymouth)

Website: https://mla.ac.uk/

Learning Options:

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Available courses


MetOcean Awareness
Introduction to Finance
Project & Leadership Management
Protecting the Marine Environment
Harnessing AI for Competitive Advantage

BSc (Hons)/MSc Sustainable Maritime Operations
PgDip/MSc Advanced Hydrography for Professionals
MSc Engineering for Marine Professionals
MSc Advanced Meteorology for Professionals
MSc Advanced Oceanography for Professionals
MSc Advanced Navigation for Professional

Master in Business Administration:
Maritime Operations
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Capital Markets and Finance
Financial Technology (FinTech)

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