Customised inhouse training

Designed to meet your specific needs, BIMCO’s customised inhouse training equips your employees with the critical skills needed to drive your organisation forward.

Unlike one-size-fits-all courses, our customised programmes close the performance gap between where your team are now and where you need them to be.

Accelerate your employees’ knowledge of shipping law and contracts by deciding the objectives, location, duration, and topics that will deliver the best learning outcomes for your company.

Speak to our training team today to build a customised inhouse training course that works for your shipping business.


BIMCO’s customised inhouse training


Focus on tailored learning – engineered to enhance your employees’ understanding of the most demanding maritime chartering, operations and legal topics.

Structure your employees’ training solely around your organisation’s priorities, ensuring all lessons are actionable and can be applied immediately at work. Both in-person and virtual training sessions are available.

With the flexibility to decide when, how and where the training takes place, you can strengthen your inhouse shipping law and contracts expertise and maximise your company’s ROI on training.

Key benefits for employers in the shipping industry:

1. Your maritime professionals will thrive from a productive learning environment that aligns training outcomes with your organisation’s goals.

2. Watch your employees’ abilities grow as BIMCO’s expert trainers demonstrate how to tackle the specific maritime law challenges facing your business.

3. Participants will study tailored case studies that match your company’s priorities.

4. Access eLearning modules that will fast-track your team’s learning. You can read more about BIMCO's eLearning modules here.

Choose the location for BIMCO training:

  • Face-to-face in your office – great for team building. Your staff can learn and collaborate in a familiar working environment.
  • Live online sessions – Ideal for teams working across different locations. BIMCO’s live online training offers a flexible and engaging multimedia learning experience, accessible from any location.
  • Face-to-face in an external location – Perfect for employers without the appropriate conference space. It’s also ideal if you’d prefer employees to learn away from the disturbances of a busy workplace.

    Build your perfect shipping law course. BIMCO’s wide range of modules include:
  • Bills of Lading
  • Laytime & Demurrage
  • Offshore, Heavylift, Renewables
  • Ship Management
  • Time/Voyage Chartering
  • Towage & Salvage
  • Specific BIMCO documents (eg SUPPLYTIME)

Customised BIMCO inhouse training cost:
Contact us at for a proposal. 

Meet our trainers

BIMCO’s team of hand-picked experts will create a highly engaging and practical learning environment for all course participants.

From chartering and commercial operations to security and legal, BIMCO’s knowledgeable trainers offer unrivalled expertise that spans the most pivotal fields in the international maritime sector.

How to Apply:

Speak to our team and tell us more about your training requirements. BIMCO will deliver a tailored shipping course that meets your business needs. 

What our participants say

“Thank you for a really good seminar. Even though many of us at the course have a lot of practical work experience, the presentations by the trainers served as ‘eyeopeners.’ We will be able to use the added information they provided in our daily work.

I have created a folder on my ‘desktop’ with all the notes, which will serve as useful guidance and reference material for future tasks”.

- Codan Marine, inhouse staff training on offshore topics, October 2020.

Further Course Information:

How long does a customised training course need to be?

For in-person training, the duration can be one to three days and the final programme will be based on the agreed learning objectives and desired outcome.
For online training, we recommend that the training occurs in a bite size format, split between one to two hours per day. BIMCO will ensure that the training takes place in a suitable time zone.

What's included in your course fee?

For in-person training, the fees will cover all trainers’ travel expenses, trainers’ course fees, programme design, course materials and, if required, tailormade case studies.

The fee does not include an external venue if the course is not conducted in your office.

Online training session fees also include the use of digital course materials and presentations.

Will a certificate be provided at the completion of the training?

Certificates of Attendance will be provided for participants upon request.

Need more information?

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