• 1. Trading restrictions

Trading restrictions

Trading restrictions imposed against the Republic of Yemen

Trading restrictions imposed by the Republic of Yemen

  • Arab League Boycott of Israel: Yemen's Position
    According to information received from local contacts the primary boycott prohibiting member states from engaging in direct trade with Israel is being enforced. For example, the following are not allowed  to call Yemen.
    • Vessels of Israeli flag / registry.
    • Israeli owned, operated and/or managed vessels.
    • Vessels with Israeli crew / officers on board.
    • Vessels carrying Israeli cargo.

    The secondary boycott prohibiting trade with companies trading with Israel appears only to apply to vessels having called at an Israeli port directly prior to / or on the same voyage prior to calling a Yemeni port or terminal.

    The tertiary boycott prohibiting contact with companies trading with blacklisted companies is still enforced.

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