Name of List or Certificate 
Number of Copies
Tobacco/Spirits/Personal Effect
Arms and Ammunition  
Health Documents or Certificate  
Certificate of Deratting  
Load Line Certificate
Tonnage Certificate
Certificate of Nationality  
Safety Equipment Certificate
Cargo Gear Certificate  
Bills of Lading  
Manifests (freighted)  
Manifests (unfreighted)  

Documents Required for Government Inspection - excluding U.S. Flag vessels:

I . Vessels arriving from foreign ports:


A. For U.S. Customs Inspection:

1. Master's Oath, CF 1300 (1 original and 3 copies).
2. General Declaration, CF 1301 (1 original and 3 copies).
3. Cargo Declaration, CF 1302 (if any), (1 original and 3 copies).
4. Ship's Stores Declaration, CF 1303, (1 original and 3 copies).
5. Crew's Effects Declaration, CF 1304, (1 original and 3 copies).
6. Crew List, I 418 (1 original and 3 copies).
7. Passenger list, I 418 (if any), (1 original and 3 copies).
8. Clearance From Last Port.
9. Register - or - (original only).
10. Tonnage Certificate (original only).
11. Tonnage Certificate (original only).
12. FMC Certificate of Financial Responsibility (Original only).
(water pollution).
13. Tonnage Tax Receipts (if any from previous voyage), (original only).
14. Load Line Certificate (copy acceptable).
15. Safety Equipment (SOLAS) Certificate (copy acceptable).

B. For Immigration Inspection
1. Crew List, I-418, Visaed by American Consul (1 original)
2. Crewman's Landing Permit, Form I-95 or I-184 (1 for each crewman)
3. Passenger List, I-418 (if any) (1 original)
4. Passenger Landing Permit, Form I-94 (1 for each passenger)
5. Passport or Seaman's Book for each crewman
6. Passport with valid U.S. Visa for each passenger (It is a violation of U.S. Law to carry a passenger not in possession of a valid U.S. visa into the U.S.).

C. For Department of Agriculture Inspection
1. Ship's Stores Declaration CF 1303 (1 copy)
2. Cargo Declaration, CF 1302 (if any), (1 copy).

II. Vessels Arriving From U.S. Ports


A. For Custom Inspection

Same as Section I, subsection A above, except:
1. Cargo Declaration CF 1302, if any foreign cargo remaining on board, will consist of a copy of the manifest submitted at the firstU.S. port, certified by customs at said port, known as a ''Travelling Manifest'' and another copy consisting only of the cargo to be discharged at this port,known as ''Port Copy'' or ''Pier Copy''.

2. Clearance from last port will consist of a copy of a General Declaration, CF 1301, endorsed by customs at pervious U.S. port.

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