Cargo Handling Facilities

All wharves, except No. 4 have rail tracks. Berth no. 1 has one (1) cargo shed totalling 5,750 m2 (30,000 sq.feet).

Berths No. 1 and 2: Wharves are used for importing aggregates and cement in bulk.

Berths No. 3 and 4 areused for the loading/unloading of gypsum rock, bauxite and scrap metal.

Berth No. 5 is used for receipt and shipment of general cargo and lumber.

All wharves lighted for 24 hours operation. Electric, telephone and water hook-ups.

Loading/Discharging Rates
Gypsum: Approximately 800.0+ tph.
Scrap: Approxiamtely 450.0 + tph.
Cement: Approximately 600.0 tph.
Aggregates: Approximately 2000.0 tph.

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