Quay Length (m) Depth (m) Type of Cargo
1 180 10.5 Petroleum products, bulk, containers
2 200 12.5 As above
3 200 12.5 General, bulk, containers
4 200 12.5 As above
Shallow draft Quay 250 7.00 General bulk
Fujairah Jetty 150 7.00 Aggregated, quarry rocks
PIM Jetty 100 3.60 As above

Tanker Berths:
There are six berths in or offshore Fujairah available to tankers, one temporary and four alongside via the container berths served by the port server pipelines, and a storage tanker offshore.

The temporary tanker berth is a Mediterranean type with a maximum draft of 12.0 m and 12.5 m depth and crude oil can be discharged there to the adjacent refinery or fuel oil loaded.

Berthing and unberthing is during daylight hours only. The berth consists of a mooring buoy and bollards ashore. Forward seven (7) shackles is paid out on the starboard anchor with two or three synthetic lines to buoy on the
port bow. At the stern, six ropes are sent to bollards ashore. Once secured a barge is moored on the port side which is used as a floating manifold.

Container Berth 1 & 2 have pipeline access to the Emarat tank farm for receiving diesel oil primarily, and container Berths 3 & 4 have pipeline access to the Caltex tank farm from receiving jet fuel.

Offshore, there are storage vessels and bunker barges operated by local bunkering companies. Offshore, there are De-Slopping floating facility by self-propelled slop barges.

VAN OMMEREN Tank terminal Fujairah Ltd; is building a tank farm with a storage capacity of 479000 cubic meters of oil. 1.5 km L shaped jetty extending into the sea is also under construction. It will be able to handle ships of 140,000 DWT with up to 18 meters draught (Berth No.1 : 18 meters draft, vessels up to 145,000 dwt, Berth No.2 : 12.5 meters draft, vessels up to 45,000 dwt). This project is set to become operational in the first quarter of 1999. Refer Admiralty Chart no.3521.

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