Cargo Handling Facilities

Elevators connected by pipeline galleries, 70,000,000t capacity.
Lighters are available for grain cargoes at consignees request or via agent.

EquipmentCapacity (max)
Odessa Container Terminal:
Gantry cranes (new Main Quay) gantry cranes3
Gantry cranes (No 02 Berth)3 x 65.5t
Berth 03 Panamax gantry crane1 x 50t
Gantry crane1 x 35t
Berths 04, 07 portal cranes4 x 40t
Berth 08 portal cranes3
Berth 10 portal cranes3
Berth 11 portal crane1
Berths 12 and 13 portal cranes4
Berth 14 portal cranes6
Berths 22 and 23 portal cranes3
Berth 37 portal crane and grain handling facilities1
Berth 38 portal crane1
Berth 42 gantry cranes3 (outreach 50m)
Berth 43 gantry cranes + conveyor2 x 40t
Berth 44 abd 45 conveyor1
Berth 46 portal cranes3 (16t, 20t and 32t)
Berth 47 portal cranes2 x 16t
Sintez Tanker Berths:
No 1, 5 x 12in arms1,000 to 12,000tph
No 2, 6 x 12.5in arms1,000 to 1,200tph
No 4, 3 x 10in arms700 to 1,200tph
No 5, 4 x 12in arms700 to 1,200tph
No 6, 2 x 8in hoses600 to 900tph

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