Customs House is located just close to the port and have different offices i.e.

Brigade Maritime: Making the visits on board the vessels.

Brigade Commercials: Dealing with the discharge and loading operations, controlling the correctness of the manifest and if any shortage or surplus to them, they impose a fine up to the value/tonnage of this difference.

It is recommended not to forget to declare to the customs exactly any type of video tapes, spirits, cigarettes, paints and mostly the Narcotics - Morphines and all that is similar (because often happens that some similar medicines are not declared by Masters who consider them as not narcotics) and in order to avoid any disputes/doubts and heavy fines, it is strongly advised to list in detail medicines.

Crew and ship's declarations to be filled in and ready upon arrival at roads, these are not to be filled in alongside in the presence of Customs. Work by day only. Customs are situated inside the port.

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