The recommended anchorage is located 2.5 miles south west SPM A  in  position Latitude 04º 13’.5 North  Longitude 005º 35’.0 East as per BA chart 1386.
The depth here is approximately 29 meters or 96 feet and the bottom mud. 
Unless otherwise instructed by the Terminal, this is also the usual Mooring Master Boarding Area.
(Refer to British Admiralty Chart BA 1386)

If VHF contact cannot be established with Pennington Terminal (Ch 10), the vessel should endeavour to contact the Pennington Mooring Master via other means (email/ telephone) to obtain instruction. Vessels should remain offshore and avoid approaching the anchorage area unless instructed to do so.

Due to the existence of numerous submarine pipelines in the area, vessels must anchor only in the designated anchorage position or as otherwise directed by the Mooring Master.

Vessels berthing at the SBM will be assisted by two tugs. The bollard pull of these vessels is approximately 30 ton.

Due to the current security level, no tankers are allowed to anchor within the port limit and they stay deep offshore until are called in for berthing. This rule is  temporary and may be changed any time.(March 2012)

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