Safety Regulations and Inspections

Use of Propellers
Propellers must not be worked without permission from the harbour master

Naked lights prohibited
Use of naked lights of any sort of design whatsoever for any purpose is prohibited unless authorised by the habour master.

Repairs, Welding cutting Etc
Repairs of any kind are prohibited unless authorised by the harbour master. KPA firemen must be in attendance when hot work is carried onboard vessels.

Safe means of access
Vessels must provide a safe means of access when alongside. A safety net must be rigged when accommodation ladder is provided.

Kenya - Maritme Security Zone established off the port of Mombasa
In an effort to counter recent piracy events in Kenyan territorial waters, the Kenya Maritime Authority has announced a maritime security zone off the port of Mombasa. The zone is designated as a waiting area for ships waiting for berth in Mombasa and will see increased patrols by the Kenyan navy. Fishing boats, skiffs and leisure boats are advised to keep out of the area.

For details, please see links below.

Kenyan Maritime Authority Notice to Mariners No. 1, 2010

Maritme Security Zone Chart

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