To avoid being charged double pilotage fees arriving vessels should anchor within a two (2) mile radius of Chihushan Lighthouse - 22 deg. 37'01'N; 120 deg. 15'25" E, unless instructed to wait off the southern entrance, in which case they should anchor within a two (2) mile radius of the southern entrance signal station 22 deg. 33' 21"N; 120 deg. 18'26" E.

The holding ground at both anchorages are good and they are sheltered from the worst north east monsoon winds in winter. Vessels may have to vacate the anchorages and proceed to sea should a typhoon approach.

Tankers arriving at the SBM terminals should anchor 1.5 miles west of the respective buoy to await arrival clearance, quarantine, immigration, agent and cargo supervisor who will board by Agent's launch. CPC pilot, loading master and watchmen will board by CPC tug.

View or print detailed Anchorage Areas as printed in "The guidelines for vessel traffic management on waters of Kaohsiung Harbour, December 2001", by the Kaohsiung Harbour Bureau.

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