The terminal has the following berths:

Pier 1
42.0 m in length, exculsively for loading petrochemical products of all grades (Propylene polymer/chemical, butadiene, Mtbe, benzene, etilbenzene) and sole pier for ethylene.

Pier 2
Same as Pier 1, except for ethylene.

Pier 3
Also known as Terminal de Solidos, mainly used for discharging of coal, but also used for berthing to perform purging and loading propylene 2 grades and butadiene. There are also two (2) dolphins where vessels can berth, when loading berths are occupied.


Pier 4

84.0 m in length, exclusively used for loading/discharging general cargoes in to break bulk and/or containers. Also used for loading reefer cargoes and steel products. Cargo operations are managed by Navegacão Guarita Ltda. The owners are Copesul.

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