• 1. Crew Issues

Crew Issues

All Border-formalities are handled through the ships agencies.

The port of Antwerp is an outside border of the European Schengen-territory. All border formalities are regulated by the Federal Maritime and River police. At the border crossing point they manage all border matters as stipulated in the Schengen handbook. All seamen without exception, as long they are in the possession of a valid passport or seamansbook and mentioned on the ships crew list, can visit the city of Antwerp and surrounding communities.
To the crew in transit of ships calling at Antwerp there are no particular restrictions to certain nationalities.

Crew changes are possible.
For the disembarking crew in view of their repatriation to their country of origin. Disembarking to another country than the country of origin is only possible with a letter of guaranty from the manager of the ship.
For some seaman transitvisa are issued at the border- crossingpoint.
Embarking crew should be in the possession of valid visa in their passport delivered by the Belgian embassy/consulate in their country of origin. Exceptionally visa are issued at the border.
All Border-formalities are handled through the ships agencies.

Following consulates are available:
Bangladesh, Botswana, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Chili, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican republic, Ecuador, Finland, France, Ireland, Honduras, India, Israel, Ivory coast, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, Peru, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slowakia republic, Senegal, Thailand and Turkey.

Seafarers Centres
Antwerp Harbour Hotel

Noorderlaan 100
2030 Antwerp
Tel : +32 3 2275433

Transport: Port Bus Service to Centre
Facilities: Postal service, money exchange, bar, shop, library, sports
Opening Hours: 1900-2300 daily

International Seamen's House
Falconrui 21 - centre of city skippers' quarters

Facilities: Accommodation, bar, restaurant, sports, books on request, internet
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Telephone No.: +32 3 227 5433

E-mail: receptie@zeemanshuis.be



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