BIMCO launches new Chinese name


BIMCO launched its Chinese name “滨客” at BIMCO's Conference and Awards Dinner in Shanghai in November, shortly after the launch of the new BIMCO brand.

Without doubt, China plays a key role in the global shipping industry. For that reason, BIMCO set up a Shanghai office back in 2013 to offer guidance and expert advice to our members, not only in China but also in the whole region.

So, what does the new name mean?

BIMCO wants the Chinese name to be well known and identifiable and to create something that truly said “who BIMCO is” to the Chinese shipping industry.

The Chinese name “滨客” was chosen for two reasons. The Chinese pronunciation of “滨客”is “bin ke” which sounds identical to “BIMCO” as there is no great pronunciation difference between “m” and “n”, as well as “k” and “c” in Chinese, just like “BIMCO”. In addition, the Chinese letter “滨客” has more in-depth meaning in Chinese. The Chinese character “滨” is related to water, which suggests BIMCO is dealing with the shipping industry. The character “客” has two meanings; the first is “hospitality” and the second is “guest”. It reflects the fact that BIMCO welcomes all members from the international shipping industry and BIMCO treats all members as faithful guests.

Finally, the meaning of the Chinese name “滨客” fits BIMCO’s new mission:

To be at the forefront of global developments in shipping, providing expert knowledge and practical advice to safeguard and add value to our members’ businesses.

As we start the Chinese New Year of the “rooster “it is hoped that the new Chinese name will bring a fresh start and fortune to BIMCO members all over the world. BIMCO is committed to taking an active role on behalf its members and providing guidance and leadership where needed.

Wei Zhuang
in Shanghai, CN


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