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July 2020

Self-quarantine is crucial for crew change in Singapore

Following an incident where a crew member was diagnosed with COVID-19 upon arrival in Singapore, the Singapore Shipowners Association is reiterating the importance of self-quarantine.

Survey launched to explore how shipping is coping with Covid-19

An industry-wide survey calling on seafarers and shore-staff to share their Covid-19 workforce insights has been launched by Lloyd’s Register and marine industry partners to understand how the pandemic has affected, and continues to affect the industry and the health and mental wellbeing of its employees.

June 2020

Panama emphasises its support for seafarers’ rights

Following the measures adopted through its MN 03/2020 circular regarding seafarers, the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) emphasises its support for seafarers’ welfare and rights.

BIMCO applauds Panama for pragmatic approach to crew change

Facilitation of crew change through Panama is now possible. Clear references are made to the crew change protocols proposed by BIMCO, ICS and other industry stakeholders.

BIMCO launches information page focusing on seafarers’ mental health

To assist seafarers and their mental wellbeing in coping with the challenges imposed by COVID-19 pandemic, BIMCO compiles a list of useful resources to enable seafarers to seek free, immediate and direct help. Members are highly recommended to inform their seafarers of this availability. 

Asian Gypsy Moth Season 2020 - be prepared!

Providing up to date information on the Asian gypsy moth season (AGM) 2020. ** ASIAN GYPSY MOTH IS NOW KNOWN AS FLIGHTED SPONGY MOTH COMPLEX ** Not all countries have introduced the new name yet, but BIMCO has decided to standardise on Flighted Spongy Moth Complex, abbreviated to FSMC.  

UNCTAD joins hands with IMO urging collaborative action to designate seafarers as key workers to keep trade flowing

UNCTAD and IMO issue joint-statement calling for action by government states to facilitate crew changes.

General port information access to be limited to members

Since March, when COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, the BIMCO port information database has been publicly open and free to use. However, as the virus gradually retreats and a new normal is expected, the general port information – including holiday information – will once again be limited to BIMCO members.

BIMCO applauds Hong Kong for pragmatic approach to crew change

Following several discussions with the Hong Kong Shipowners Association, the administration in Hong Kong is opening for conditional but unrestricted crew change in Hong Kong.

Singapore Maritime and Ports Authority issues guidelines for crew change

Following a significant number of enquiries related to the recent relaxation of restrictions on crew change, the Maritime and Ports Authority (MPA) in Singapore has issued a guideline and FAQ with the aim to facilitate crew change.