The following documents must reach Agents prior to vessel's arrival:
17 Cargo Manifests, 2 Freight Manifests, 1 set of Bills of Lading, 2 Cargo

As a precaution, please place on board care of Master:
2 Cargo Manifests, 2 Freight Manifests, 2 Cargo Plans, 1 Set of Bills of Lading, Certificate showing that the vessel is not blacklisted.

The port authorities require manifests to state:
Name of ship, name of the loading port, name of the discharging port, number of packages, type of cargo, marks and numbers, bills of lading numbers, shipper's names, consignee's full name and address, weight in metric tons of 1,000 kg, measurement of CBM, valid import licence and letter of credit numbers, date of loading and sailing.

Before berthing Master should prepare a list showing number of packages/tons for each port and should also prepare a list showing number of packages/tons in every hold. The figures of both list should tally with manifest given to Port Authorities. Preparation of these two lists will ease up formalities at the time of berthing.

Where documents are not expected to reach in time, brief information of B/L number, quantity, cargo, receiver's name and address may please be furnished by telex to enable the Agents to notify the receivers in advance.

Fines are imposed by Port Authorities for:

Wrong and inconsistent information
Duplication of documentation such as manifests
Late corrections received after discharge of vessel
Absence of documents on board the vessel by the time ship arrives
Incomplete or unsigned manifests, etc.

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