• 1. Trading restrictions

Trading restrictions

Trading restrictions imposed against the United Arab Emirates

Trading restrictions imposed by the United Arab Emirates

  • Arab League Boycott of Israel: UAE's Position
    According to information received from local contacts, the United Arab Emirates fully adheres to the Arab League's boycott of Israel (I.e. primary, secondary and tertiary boycotts).

  • Certain flags are banned from entering UAE ports, anchorage areas, territorial waters and the country's economic zone* unless they are carrying valid classification certificates issued by the International Association of Classification Societies ("IACS").

    According to Circular No.8 2019, the current flag list is as follows: Albania; Belize; Democratic People's Republic of Korea; Sao Tome and Principe; Tonga; Congo "Republic of" and Equatorial Guinea.

    * Pursuant to UAE Federal Law No.19 of 1993 the UAE's economic zone is defined as 200 nautical miles beyond its territorial waters which territorial waters extend 12 nautical miles from the mainland and any island belonging to the UAE.

  • Qatar
    According to information received
  1. Ships flying the Qatari flag or owned by Qatari companies/nationals are banned from UAE ports.
  2. Ships carrying any cargo of Qatari origin may not load/discharge at UAE ports or waters.
  3. Ships are not permitted to load any cargo of UAE origin destined for Qatar.


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