Pilotage is compulsory for all seagoing ships and river sea ships within the Danube section between the sea arm Bystroye and the Reni Port.
Pilotage is performed by the state sea pilots of the State Enterprise "Delta-Lotsman" (hereinafter "the SE") only. The main pilot station of the SE '"Delta-Lotsman" is located in the Izmail Port. Pilots are available throughout 24 hours and foreign vessels embark the port pilot in vicinity of Mile 64, having reported ETA while in the vicinity of Ismail Chatal.
Some Seagoing ships and river sea ships may be exempted from compulsory Pilotage.
Requests for a pilot should include the following:

1.Length overall, breadth and freeboard
2.Full manoeuvering speed
3.Actual maximum draught of the ship, forward and aft draughts.

Shifting Berth: Foreign seagoing ships and domestic ships may change berths within the Port only with the assistance of a pilot.
Request for a pilot from the VTCS should be made at least 2 hours before the beginning of reberthing and request a tug from the Port dispatcher, if necessary.

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