Entry and departure of ships to and from the port is permitted throughout 24 hours, with certain exceptions:
Entry and exit of seagoing ships and river sea ships to and from the backwaters at wind 28.3kts or over is prohibited.
Depending on the ship's size and meteorological and other conditions, the ISPS will decide on the possible entry/exit of a ship into the backwaters at night on a case by case basis.
When navigating in the Port water area all ships, except hydrofoils, should proceed at a speed of 8km/hr maximum when moving upstream and 12km/hr when moving downstream, to avoid riverbank erosion.
Overtaking within the Port water area is prohibited, except for hydrofoils.
Turnaround areas for sea going ships are allocated at 70.6 and 64 miles areas, while the ships proceeding to berths 15-21 may turn around by dropping anchor in 67.2 mile area.

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