Developments which took place last year and were completed are:

1.Reconstruction of complex for reloading of sulphur on berth No 19. with increase of capacity of complex by 500-700 thousand tons a year.
2. Construction of second stage of complex for reloading of grain on berth 17. Capacity 3.5 million tons a year.
3. Construction of a new railway entry toport at the rear of berths No1and 2. with traffic of 200 railways cars in 24 hrs.
4. Realized the project on "Improvement of ferry crossing between Ilychevsk and Poti" for connection f corridor No 9 and corridor TRACECA with limits of TACIS program. overall capacity of container - motor transport area - 1500 units of motor transport a year.

At prestent time the following projects are in the stage of planning and realization:

1. Development of terminal for reloading of containers - Planned capacity: 300 thousand TEU. 
2. OIL PRODUCTS BASE -3,23 mln t a year
3. Complex for reloading granulated sulfur.Capacity of complex: 1.0 million tons a year.
4. Complex for reloading sunflower oil. Increasing the capacity by up to 1 mill. tons a year. 
5. Second railway entry to port. With traffic of 400 railway cars within 24 hrs. TOTAL FOR 2 WAYS – 650 RW Cars

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