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Restrictions & Sanctions

Restrictions & sanctions (Syria)

Trading restrictions (Syria)

Trading restrictions imposed against Syria

  • Arab League
    Syria's membership was suspended in November 2011.
    Sanctions include financial sanctions against the Syrian Central Bank, the freezing of member state government project funding in Syria and freezing assets relating to the Government entities and individuals. There is also a travel ban on senior government officials.

  • Canada
    Sanctions include:
    - an asset freeze and a prohibition with dealings with certain designated entities.
    - a prohibition on the import, purchase, acquisition, or transportation of petroleum or petroleum products, excluding natural gas, from Syria.
    - a prohibition on new investment in the oil industry in Syria and
    - a prohibition on providing financing for either of the activities described above.

  • European Union
    The sanctions provides for an arms embargo, a ban on internal repression equipment, and restrictions on the admission to the Union, and the freezing of funds and economic resources, of certain persons and entities.

    The sanctions also include a prohibition on the purchase, import or transportation from Syria of crude oil and petroleum products

  • Israel

  • Turkey
    Turkey has stated that it will follow the Arab League's sanctions against Syria.

  • USA: Syrian sanctions


Trading restrictions imposed by Syria


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