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Tanker market report 9 April 2021

12 April 2021

President Biden made it clear throughout his election campaign that he planned to re-engage with Iran, aiming to bring the USA back into the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The weekly tanker market report by Gibson Shipbrokers features an overview of the crude oil and oil product tanker market.

BIMCO COVID 19 weekly report

19 March 2021

The BIMCO Maritime Information department informs members on a weekly basis, updates about the COVID-19 in relation to implementation measures imposed by governments for sea transport including for crew change as well as from the United Nation bodies like the International Maritime Organization (IMO), World Health Organization (WHO) and International Labour Organization (ILO). BIMCO provides the following update for this week ending Friday, 19 March 2021

The trade war’s impact on shipping

15 December 2020

BIMCO pays close attention to the trade war since early 2018 when extra tariffs were still just a looming threat. We follow developments in trade between the US and China, how the three major shipping markets are affected and what the phase one agreement, signed in early 2020 does for volumes.

Tanker market report dated 24 July 2020

28 July 2020

China is set to sign a deal that will see $400 billion invested in Iran over a 25-year period. The deal will include massive infrastructure projects, large scale spending on defence and closer ties between the two countries. Weekly tanker market report by Gibson Shipbrokers.

COVID-19 Extension on crew certificates

18 January 2021

Providing members with the latest information on extensions to crew certificates by various states in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The page might be updated several times per day, so please check back for the most recent information.

BIMCO issues update on Persian Gulf tensions and sanctions clauses

21 January 2020

After the killing of General Qassem Soleimani by a US drone in early January 2020, and the following retaliation by Iran, BIMCO is publishing its view of the escalated tension in the Persian Gulf, as well as advice regarding the new sanctions clauses, and encourages owners, operators and charterers to follow the operational and contractual guidance set out in this article.