Berthing: Vessels berthing at the ore facility with a draught of less than 14.0m are berthed and un-berthed at any time; bulk carriers of more than 14.0m draught and loaded tankers are berthed during daylight only. Vessels less than 100,000DWT berth port side to either on the W or E side of the ore loading terminal; vessels greater than 100,000DWT are berthed bow to sea. Vessels berthing at the Multipurpose Terminal are berthed between 0600 and 2200hrs. OBO's loading ore must be certified gas free by a chemist.
UKC: Vessels are required to have at least 1.0m on the tide gauge when passing down the channel. Incoming vessels with a draught of over 19.5m must have the equivalent of the excess over 19.5m on the tide gauge when turning in the basin. If the tide is ebbing, the pilot will decide whether there is sufficient time for the operation to be completed safely.
Min arrival draught: Vessels must be sufficiently ballasted to permit safe navigation within the harbour.

1806.0 7.5
2157.5 8.5
2458.0 9.0
Over 2758.510.5

If a draught is too light, the docking of a vessel may be delayed in windy conditions or its safety may be prejudiced.
Navigational warnings: Masters of vessels are warned not to proceed too close to the shore line in the vicinity of Saldanha Bay Harbour, nor to cross the arrival line without a pilot. The arrival line is a straight line connecting the centres of the two lighthouses at North Head and South Head.
The "Wasserfall Bank", situated between the Jutten and Malgas Islands across the entrance to the outer bay, constitutes an unmarked hazard.
Prohibited Area: A prohibited area extending from 0.1 to 0.3nm offshore, surrounds the N extremity of Donkergat Peninsula (33°04.5'S 18°59.2'E), as far S as Riet Bay (33°05.4'S 18°0.0'E) on the E side and a position 1.5nm SE of South Head on the W side. Buoys mark the limits of this area in the approaches to Salamander, Donkergat and Riet Bay on the E side of the peninsula.

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