Weather and Sea conditions

Tides and Currents

Tidal heights at MHWS 1.7 m (5'5"), MHWN 1.2 m (4') and MLWN 0.8 m (2'6"). In the offing, at about 15 miles from the coast, the regular Agulhas current sets steadily south westward.

An in-setting current of variable strength may be experienced off this part of the coast. At the anchorage, the stream generally sets south-westward from 1.0 to 2 1/2 knots, but in calm weather or during strong SW winds, the surface water is retarded, and occasionally sets eastward at about half a knot or even more. Inshore, near the edge of the breakers, an eddy current frequently sets eastward. This current varies in strength but seldom attains a rate of half a knot.

The in-going tidal stream sets across the bar and into the river at the rate of about three quarters of a knot. The out-going tidal stream has a rate of about one knot, except during freshets, when it may be stronger.

Wind and Sea

During the winter months (April-August) NW and W are the most frequent winds in the early morning and SW in the afternoon. In the summer the winds are variable. Gales are experienced on average two to three times per month throughout the year, but less frequency in February-March.

In extreme conditions there may be a moderate movement in the main turning basin.
Rollers, which seldom set in during the summer months, are frequent during winter.

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