Compulsory pilotage provided by port authority (24 hour service). Pilot boards 2.5nm NE of the breakwater, on the line of the leading lights. Pilots board by motor pilot boat, or by Augusta A109 K2HPS helicopter at the boarding area or anchorage. There are 12 pilots in the port of Durban, 9 pilots per shift. One pilot used per vessel on arrival and sailing.
If boarding by pilot boat, pilot ladders must comply with SOLAS regulations. All vessels with a freeboard greater than 9.0m must have an accommodation ladder rigged in conjunction with the pilot ladder. Man ropes must be provided.

Durban Offshore Oil Berth (SBM): Pilotage is compulsory and boards 2nm E of the SBM.
Vessel's agent, service tug or SBM Pilot can give information regarding berthing.

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