Port of Durban within the entrance consists of the former Bay of Natal which has been extensively dredged and quayed along the shores.  

Please find the table of permissible drafts at berths here.

Bluff Coal Berth BERTH
Nos. 2 - 4, 743 m quayage with depths between 8.4 m and 10.3 m). Bulk Coal Terminal with storage facilities for over 150,000 t coal. Electrical driven appliances for the loading of coal. Two (2) bucket transporters of each 10t
with an aggregate capacity of 4000 t/day each. Belt loader averages around 12000 t/day.

Container Carriers


Pier 1 Container Terminal:

Two (2) berths (nos. 105 - 106) for sea-going container carriers at Durban Contaner terminal. The Container terminal is served by six (6) ship-to shore 40t Post Panamax gantry cranes.

This container terminal is a new development in Durban, with only one berth presently avaiable for vessel cargo operations (NP105) with renovation plans expected to be complete on the second cargo berth (NP106) by end November 2007.


Once the terminal is fully operational it will consist of five (5) ship-to shore 40t Post Panamax gantry cranes and twelve (12) Rubber Tyre gantries (TRG’s).

The rail terminal is still under construction and will be operation by the end of November 2007 as well.

Durban Container Terminal:
Six (6) berths (nos. 108 - 205) for sea-going container carriers at Durban Contaner terminal. The Container terminal is served by fifteen (15) ship-to shore 40t Panamax gantry cranes & four (4) ship-to shore 40-60t Post Panamax gantry cranes.

The container terminal covers a total area of 102 ha of which 26,33 ha are available for container handling and storage. Approximately 13 ha are made available for a privately operated consolidation depot which forms
an integral part of the terminal.

The rail terminal operates three 35t container yard cranes on rails, 64 straddle carriers of each 30 t, 49 tractors and 49 trailer and haulers. The rail-terminal is equipped with three (3) rail-mounted electric gantry cranes for the rapid handling of containers between rail wagons and road vehicles.One 35 t FANTUZI reach stacker is also available.


Container Terminal    
Quay Name / Number 
Berth 200
Berth 201
Berth 202
Berth 203
Berth 204
Berth 205
New Pier 108
New Pier 109


Offshore Oil Berth
A large mooring-buoy for tankers up to 300,000 dwt is situated 10 miles SW of Cape Natal in position 30 deg. 00'5''S - 30 deg. 58'5''E.

A white flashing light is exhibited on the buoy. Floating hoses, marked by white Qk. Fl-lights, may extend up to 350 m from the mooring buoy. Anchoring is prohibited with 1 mile of the mooring buoy and the pipeline between the buoy and the shore NW-ward. During bad weather vessels are removed from the buoy
and returned when the weather improves.

Discharging through two (2) 16'' hoses (ASA 150 flanges).

The Mooring-Master boards 3 miles E of the buoy by helicopter only.

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