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Pnoc-Petrochemical Development Corp. Pier
The construction of this facility started in January 1996 and now about 90% complete.
It is located in Batangas II. Mariveles. Bataan. The pier consist of a causeway 915 m. long and a pierhead or jetty 319 m. long and 3.0 m wide. It can accommodate two vessels simultaneously, one with 40,000 DWT , the other 30,000 DWT.
Depth 13 m.

Other facilities such as storage tanks are also being constructed for use by the locators within the Petrochemical Industrial Estate such as Petrochemicals Corporation of Asia Pacific (Petrocorp) for their imported raw material, naphtha, etc.

Oilink International Corp. (Formerly Bataan Storage Corp.)
This facility is located in Lucanin, Mariveles, Bataan about 5 km from the PPDC pier. The terminal consist of storage tanks of various capacities able to receive specialized oil products such as Jet A-1 (aviation fuel) Solvent Neutral 500, Bright Stock 160, etc. The pier consist of a seaberth 261 m long and 40 m wide. The finger pier is 60 m long and 4 m wide with an average draft of 4 m.

Construction of additional tanks is underway to increase their storage capacity and to cater to newly deregulated oil products such as liquefied petroleum gas, premium and unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel oil, greases, waxes, etc.

Hyatt Terminal & Industrial Corp. Hyatt
The terminal is located in Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan and is about 12 km form the town of Mariveles. The area lies in the southern tip of the Bataan Peninsula some 154 km overland from Manila and 43 km away from the capital town of Balanga. The magnetic bearing of the Loading/unloading Wharf is South 18* East. The length of the causeway and pier is 520 m. Average depth alongside is 12.5 m. Their international jetty can accommodate vessels of up to 10,000 GRT.
The Terminal's tankfarm consist of heated tanks and pipeline that will allow the storage of very viscous products that require continuous heating. With this bulk terminal, ship-to-ship transfer at Manila Bay can be avoided thereby reducing the hazard to the environment posed by offshore petroleum product discharge. The terminal has five fixed-roof tanks having a combined capacity of 180,000 bbls.

Bataan Malt Terminal
Owned by San Miguel Corporation, it is operated and maintained by the San Miquel Brewing Group. Completed in March 1996, it was designed primarily to handle the malt importation of the company. Third-party cargoes are not allowed at this facility. The terminal is located inside the ATI compound (formerly BASECO) and occupies an area of 1.50 hectares. It is 156 km from Manila and 96 km form San Fernando, Pampanga. The pier is 156 m long, 10.0 m wide and draft of 14.0 m. The terminal's facilities include 18 vertical silos with a capacity of 1.000 MT per silo, 10 star bins @ 250 MT per bin, 4 intermediate bins @ 80 MT per bin, 2 loading bins @ 60 MT per bin.

Unloading equipment is a Portalino Unloaded with a capacity of 200 MT per hour. Horizontal belt conveyors installed along the pier extends up to the vertical silos and is rated at 200 MT per hour.

Mariveles Grains Terminal (Asian terminals Inc.)
Located inside the former BASECO compound, it occupies an area of 8.5 hectares. Initially, it was envisioned to handle corn, soybean meal and wheat importation passing through the Manila South Harbour. The final design, how ever, has given the terminal the capability to handle other grain products such as barley, rice, malt and soybeans. Furthermore, the terminal has the capacity ot also handle volumes destined for other ports such as Batangas, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and Iligan.

The pier is 217 m long, 15 m wide with a draft of 14.5 m and can accommodate vessels ranging from 7.000 to 70,000 DWT on both sides of the pier. Unloading / conveying/ storage equipment are as follows:

1) Four (4) Marweight Siwertell unloaders with a rated capacity of 750 MT per hour.
2) Conveyors and bucket elevators are connected to the silos, warehouse and storage area.
Conveyor are rated at 850 MT per hour.
3) Available are 20 silos each with a capacity of 5.500 MT for a total of 110.000 MT total
storage capacity. The warehouse building provides storage space for 50,000 MT of
soybean meal.

Mariveles Shipyard Corporation
A repair and drydock facility owned and operated by LOADSTAR Shipping Corp. exclusively for the maintenance of their inter-island and ocean going fleet. It has a total berth length of 314 m with an average width of 15 m. It has a graving dock which can accommodate vessels of up to 15,000 DWT.

The Chiongbian group is planning to utilize a portion of the shipyard to built a modern shipbuilding facility, in partnership with Gothong and Aboitiz.

Sisiman-Lilibon Loading Ramp
The wharf is 10 m long and 7 m wide. It is used mainly to load rocks unto barges. The rocks are quarried from the nearby Sisiman quarry.

Bataan Marina
A repair facility for yachts and pleasure craft, it has a pier 180 m long. It is being eyed to be used as a ferry terminal by El Greco Jet Ferries, Inc.

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