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General Information

Hydrography: The country is completely land locked, but has two great river, the Paraguay and the Parana, which unite at Confluencia and continue as the Parana which eventually joins the Uruguay river to form the River Plate. Both rivers carry a considerable amount of traffic, the more important being the Paraguay, which is navigable for over 2790 km from Buenos Aires, up to the port of Corumba, in Brazil and Puerto Suarez in Bolivia. The Parana is open for 1430 km to Yacyreta, just below Encarnacion / Posadas where an important new dam has been built. At this dam craft can now lock in and lock out, thereby extending navigation above Yacyreta.

Reservation of cargoes: The reservation of cargo for Paraguayan flag vessels (Law 295 of 17/11/71 and decree No. 27.371 of August, 1998) is no longer applicable.

Transhipment cargo: All cargo for transshipment must clearly marked "Buenos Aires in transit for Asuncion (or elsewhere) Paraguay" particularly when freight is paid up to Buenos Aires only.

Forwarding of transit cargo is normally looked after for consignees' account by their Customs Agents, particularly if freight is paid to Buenos Aires only.
Nowadays for the most part all types of general cargo arrives containerised and is forwarded as such with transshipment at Buenos Aires or Montevideo to feeder vessels which provide a regular service: ample barge services are also available for all types of breakbulk cargoes as well as, of course, containers, if so required.

There are also a number of depots in foreign free zones in Argentina (Rosario), Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul, Paranagua and Santos) and Uruguay (Montevideo and Nueva Palmira) which can be made use of is so required; for this purpose, Agents must be consulted about conditions and procedures.


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