Cargo Handling Facilities

The five (5) container yards have a total area designed for 3,800 TEU's with additional space used for empty containers if necessary.


There is one (1) single storage shed of 1,000 square metres and there is one (1) 80 t scale. The lightning of the site has been designed to operate safely and efficiently 24 hours a day and to maintain security for the cargo. There are 60 reefer plugs.


Equipment available:

One (1) Liebherr FCC CBW 45t/26m

One (1) Itakgru crane with a capacity of 120 t.

One (1) P & H crane with a capacity of 140 t.

One (1) Coles crane with a capacity of 80 t.

Two (2) Belotti reach stackers with a capacity of 42 t each.

One (1) sidelifter truck.

Four (4) forklifts with a capacity of 6 t, 2.5 t., 2x 3t.

Two (2) ferrari reach stackers with capacity of 42 t.

One (1) ferrari reach stacker with capacity of 14 t.


There are no active railway lines in the terminal.

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