Cargo Handling Facilities


Crude Oil           1 hose connected                     Max Rate            5600m3/hr    (35,200Bbls/hr)                             
                         2 hoses connected                   Max  Rate          11200m3/hr    (70,400Bbls/hr)                              
White Oil Import per hose                                 Max Rate          1400 m3/hr     (8,810Bbls/hr)
White Oil Export per hose                                  Max Rate          1400 m3/hr     (8,810Bbls/hr)
CBM                                                                Max Rate             788m3/hr     (4,950Bbls/hr)


Crude is loaded by gravity. The maximum rates described above are only available from certain shore tanks when loading to one SBM. Rates will fluctuate as tank levels change. "Fahal Control" will inform the vessel of any changes in rate. The Duty Pilot will advise expected maximum and average loading rates. Vessels may request any loading rate, but in order for the shore meters to function correctly, a minimum loading rate of 10000 to 12000 Bbls/hr should be maintained.

"Fahal Control" can supply information on the total cargo on board on request


Hose connections will be made on the port side amidships. Crude loading ships should fit 2 x 16" reducers or number as directed by the pilot upon boarding. The crane or derrick should be rigged with equipment, in good condition and have a minimum SWL of 10 Tonnes.


White Oil vessels berthing on SBM 3 should fit 8" reducers. The crane or derrick should have a minimum SWL of 5 Tonnes.


On the CBM there must be a stern manifold crane fully certified SWL of 2MT. The hose is connected to the vessels stern discharge line via a single 6I connection.


Hose connection and disconnection is carried out by the ship’s crew with advice from the Berthing Master Assistant.

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