Pilotage is compulsory for all foreign vessels and Norwegian vessels over 4,000GT to or from Mongstad jetties. Pilots should be ordered through Safe Sea Net or the Fedje Booking Station, but can incur an additional charge.
Pilot boards in the following positions:

1.Fedjeosen No 2: 60°44.1'N 004°44.0'E
2.Fedjeosen No 3: 60°45.7'N 004°46.6'E (by appointment only)
3.Holmengra No 2: 60°51.4'N 004°39.0'E
4.Fedjeosen No 3: 60°52.4'N 004°45.2'E (by appointment only)
5.Vessels over 30,000GT carrying hazardous or polluting cargo:
a.West Fedje: 60°46.0'N 004°27.9'E (Pilot transfer by helicopter if required)
b.West Holmengra: 60°51.0'N 004°25.9'E (Pilot transfer by helicopter if required)

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