Customs are situated in the port area.


Customs & Immigration


Customs allowances: (Tobacco) 40 cigarettes per crew member (Master 2-3 cartons). Customs very strict, and will search crew cabins.


Regulations are as follows:



That the quantity of tobacco to be allowed on board vessels upon their arrival at Lebanese port, will be fixed on the basis of two packets per crew member, passenger per day and to be calculated on a maximum period of 2 months, if the vessel emanates from an American, Asian or African Port – not central Africa; and for 1 months if the vessel last port of call is Europe, central Africa or Mediterranean, which will be deducted port of call, until arrival at a Lebanese Port. That the number of passengers to be taken into account on a tourist vessel will be the number of berths the vessel can accommodate and not the number of passengers actually on board. As to cargo vessels, the actual number to be accounted for will only be the crew members and the Master of the vessel.



In the event that it is the first call of the vessel at a Lebanese port and not aware of such regulations, and it was found on board her an excess quantity to the actual one allowed, as indicated above, a Process Verbal will be established for the excess quantity found and the cigarettes placed under seal. An undertaking is also to be obtained from either the owners and/or her Agents to the effect that they will submit a certificated, within 1 month, to be issued by the relevant Customs authorities of the next port of call of the vessel after a Lebanese port. While the seizure on the vessel will be lifted when a Bank Guarantee equaling the amount of fine and dues is placed, or a personal guarantee from the Agent – if solvable – and in the event that the undertaking is not fulfilled the usual penalties will be inflicted according to the law.



In the event the vessel is aware of such restriction, and for one reason or another, she is carrying an excess quantity, this excess must be, as per official regulations, shown on the manifest legalized and issued at the last port of call touched by the vessel prior to Beirut. Any excess found over and above such declaration will be considered as smuggling and the law will be applied.

Wine and /or Spirits 1 bottle per crew member. Master allowed 3 or 4 bottles.

Immigration: Board vessel immediately upon arrival and shore passes are thereafter issued to all members of the crew. There are no restrictions on crew/passengers as long as they will be sailing with the vessel. Visas are not granted for arriving crew/passengers for the vessel's stay in Lebanon.


A transit visa valid for 24 hours between the port and the airport is granted for leaving crew in condition that seamen have reserved tickets. For joining crew, owner should advise agent 72 hours prior vessel's arrival in order to arrange entry visa valid 24 Hours at the airport.

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