• 3. Anchorage dues

Anchorage dues

Anchorage dues are levied on either a monthly or yearly basis if the vessel's flag is of a country having an agreement with Italy in this respect. Such flags are often referred to as "equalised" flags. All other "non-equalised" vessels are charged a monthly "non-treaty" rate which is double the normal monthly rate.

All vessels calling at Italian ports in order to perform commercial operations are subject to anchorage dues, payment of which is calculated from the beginning of commercial operations in a port or roadstead and not upon arrival at anchorage.

Vessels calling for bunkers, water supply, change of crew, passengers in transit, etc. are not required to pay anchorage dues.

Anchorage dues are charged according to the NRT of a vessel. In order to calculate a vessel's NRT a coefficient factor based on the vessel's type is utilised to convert from NT to NRT. (i.e. NT x Coefficient factor = NRT)

Anchorage dues must be paid prior to vessel's departure.  

Rates for vessels over 350 NRT

Italian and foreign vessels equalised to national vessels.

  Effective 1 January 2013 Effective 1 January 2014
Yearly (12 months) EUR 2.0438 per NRT EUR 2.2827 per NRT
Monthly (30 days) EUR 0.9314 per NRT EUR 1.0402 per NRT
Reduced rates for EU cabotage

  Effective 1 January 2013 Effective 1 January 2014
Yearly (12 months) EUR 0.6468 per NRT EUR 0.7224 per NRT
Monthly (30 days) EUR 0.1812 per NRT EUR 0.2023 per NRT

Special rates

  Effective 1 January 2013 Effective 1 January 2014
Cruise vessels EUR 3.5054 per passenger EUR 3.9152 per passenger

Supplementary Anchorage Dues (All vessels) 

At the following Italian ports supplementary anchorage dues are also levied:

  Effective 1 January 2013 Effective 1 January 2014
Genoa, Venice and Naples EUR 0.003337 per NRT EUR 0.003727 per NRT

Surcharges for cargo on deck (all vessels). 

Vessels over 350 NRT sailing to or arriving from abroad with deck cargo are subject to the payment of a surtax on the basis of a tonnage corresponding to the space occupied by such deck cargo.

Exemption is granted to vessels carrying certain types of cargo on deck, where the vessel has a corresponding empty volume within it's holds.

Correction coefficients

Correction coefficients applied to NT value in order to obtain NT tariff value as established by Decree No. 69, dated 13 March 1988.

  Vessel Type Coefficient
A. Tankers (Crude oil, CPP, chemical, gas, bitumen, etc.)  0.98
B. Dry bulk carriers, general cargo vessels with one or more decks, with continuous tweendecks, cellular container vessels with one deck, reefers  0.99
C. General cargo vessels with two or more decks with an open tweendeck: GT up to 4,000
GT over 4,000
D. Cellular container vessels with two or more decks, livestock carriers  0.54
E. Ro-Ro vessels, ferries, car carriers  0.34
F. Passenger vessels  0.99
G. Fishing vessels  1.00
H. Supply vessels  0.71

Flag states equalised with Italian flag vessels

for the payment of Anchorage Dues as established by Law No. 82 of 9 February 1963.

List of States effective from 21 October 1999, amended as per Merchant Marine and Transport Circular No. DEM3SP0899, dated 21 October 1999.  

Algeria Greece Norway (5)
Antigua and Barbuda Guatemala Panama
Argentina Guinea, Republic of Paraguay
Armenia Haiti Peru
Australia Hungary Poland
Austria Iceland Portugal (6)
Azerbaijan India Romania
Bahamas Iran Russia
Barbados Iraq El Salvador
Belgium Ireland Saudi Arabia


Belorussia Ivory Coast Singapore
Bermuda Japan Slovakia
Bolivia Kazakhstan Slovenia
Bulgaria Kirgizia Somalia
Cayman Islands Korea, Republic of South Africa
Chile Kuwait Spain( 7)
China (1) Lebanon St. Vincent & Grenadines
Colombia Liberia Surinam
Congo, Dem. Rep.of Libya Sweden
Costa Rica Luxembourg Switzerland
Croatia Madagascar Tadjikistan
Cuba Malaysia Trinidad & Tobago
Cyprus Malta Turkmenia
Czech Republic Marshall Islands Tunisia
Denmark (2) Mauritius Turkey
Dominican Republic Moldavia Ukraine
Ecuador Monaco United States
Ethiopia Morocco United Kingdom (8)
Fiji Netherlands Uruguay
Finland Netherlands Antilles Uzbekistan
France (3) New Zealand Vanuatu
Germany (4) Nicaragua Yemen
Gibraltar Nigeria
  1. China includes Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the islands of Kinmen, Matsu, Penghu and Taiwan. 
  2. Danish International Register of Shipping (D.I.S.) is considered equivalent to Denmark.
  3. Kerguelen Islands is considered equivalent to France.
  4. German International Ship Register (G.I.S.) is considered equivalent to Germany.
  5. Norwegian International Ship Register (N.I.S.) is considered equivalent to Norway.
  6. Madeira  is considered equivalent to Portugal.
  7. Canary Islands  is considered equivalent to Spain.
  8. Isle of Man  is considered equivalent to the U.K. (Great Britain & Northern Ireland).

All other flags are charged at the monthly "non-treaty" rate.

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