• 1. Crew Issues

Crew Issues

For the following nationalities immigration will reserve for issuing visa/shore leave only after applying for an additional special checking procedure:Iraq, Syria, North Corea, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Libano, Libya, Palestine, Sudan, Iran, Giordania, Taiwan, Bhutan.

Crew change is possible with a notice of two working days to the immigration office, and providing copy of passport, contract, visa (if held) flight details. The crew shorepass are usually stamped by local immigration office, they are valid only within the city from 08:00 hours to 22:00 hours and must be restamped by the immigration every day.

There are no seamen missions available.

The following embassies/ consulates are available in the city: Panama; Germany; Greece; France; Spain; U.S.A.; Ukraine; Venezuela; Liberia; Malta; Sierra Leone; Thailand; Denmark; Bolivia; Dominican Republic; Norway; Perù; Turkey; Honduras; Bangladesh; Japan; U.K.; Tunisia; Austria; San Marino; Belgium; Pakistan; Chile; Netherlands; El Salvador; Sweden; Indonesia; Camerun; Capo Verde; Czech Republic; Luxembourg; Portugal; Cyprus; Canada; Monaco; Island; Paraguay; Nigeria; Hungary; Morocco; Estonia; India; Colombia; Lettonia; Bielorussia; South Africa; Brazil; Finland; Croatia; Senegal; Bulgaria; Slovacchia; Poland; Guinea; Guatemala; Ivory Coast; Malaysia; Switzerland; Burkina Faso; Romania; Mexico; Ghana; Haiti; Congo; Kazakhstan.

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