• 1. Safety Regulations and Inspection

Safety Regulations and Inspection

Safety Instructions


When a coal carrier stays alongside the coal jetty, the port will be manned as follows:


One pilot, one standby tug and one mooring boat with their crews. Duty pilot keeps a watch on VHF channel 13 and on mobile number 057 217907, and is available to assist and/or advise on berth operations, weather conditions and in any emergency situation.


Masters of vessels must maintain the coal carrier mobility and maneuverability at all time whilst in port, so that the vessel can be moved at short notice. The pilot must be informed immediately if, for any reason, the above regulations are not carried out.

Dismantling of machinery affecting vessel's mobility or maneuverability is prohibited unless authorised by the pilot on duty.


Masters of vessels must ensure that during the stay in port, suitable qualified crew members in sufficient number are on board to protect its safety and operate all the machinery necessary for its movement and maneuvering.


Masters of vessels shall ensure that their vessels are adequately secured alongside with efficient ropes, that strict watch is kept and that mooring is attended in order to prevent undue movement of the vessel. Changing or rearranging lines shall be done only when supervised by the pilot on duty.


Masters of vessels must inform the port immediately of any accident that occurs on or near the vessel, such as fire, explosion, damage to the ship or injury to the shore personnel, etc.


A written report must be submitted to the Port Manager with all details of the accident.


Ballast tanks and/or holds should be ballasted as soon as practicable during discharging. Holds designated as ballast tanks should be discharged first and cleaned for that purpose.


Fire fighting equipment must be kept ready at all times. Welding, cutting or any other hot works are prohibited aboard, unless prior written permission is obtained from the port manager. When permitted, this work shall be supervised by a competent person to ensure that the proper precautions are taken.


Diving operations near the ship and lowering boats is prohibited without prior written permission.


The emission of dark or dense smoke is prohibited.


Only the shore gangway should be used for access from jetty to ship.


The ship personnel is not allowed to approach the coal bridge by foot. Crew can leave the ship or return only by taxi.


While in port the vessel shall not throw overboard any rubbish, ashes or garbage. Oil or oily water shall not be pumped or allowed to leak into hte sea.


Subject to prior arrangement, oily residues may be pumped into a lorry for delivery to reception facilities ashore.


Garbage in sealed plastic bags shall be placed in the garbage container on the jetty.

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