Cargo Handling Facilities

Crane Facility
Forklift - nil
Shore Crane - nil
Mobile Crane - nil
Floating Crane - nil

SBM - Crude Oil, hose connection is 36''-16''. Side connected to P side. Loading/discharging rate: 2,500 kl/hr

2. CBM (4 MB) UPPDN - Oil Black, discharge rate per hour is 300 kl/hr hose connection size is 16''-8", and connected to P side.

3. SBM UPPDN - White Oil, discharge/loading rate per hour is 800 kl, hose connection is 20''-16", and connected to P side.

4. Jetty LPG - LPG, loading rate per hour is 100 mt, number of line is 2, arm/hose connection is 4" to 6" and connected side is S.

5. Jetty General Cargo - General Cargo. Connection side is B.

6. Jetty Propylene, loading/discharging rate per hour is 100 mt Number of lines: 1, arm/hose connection is 4'' to 6'' and connected is S.

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