Cargo Handling Facilities

There are no cargo handling facilities through the San Jose Pier. The pier is only used for small fishing boats and to embark/disembark personnel from tugs that are attending the molasses and petroleum/gasoline marine terminals. There are 1 molasses export marine terminal and 3 petroleum/gasoline import marine terminals in the vicinity of the San Jose Pier where tankers moor to buoys.

Indication of loading and discharging speed
Melaza Terminal (exportation)
High test molasses 500 mt per hour
Blackstrap Molasses 200 mt per hour
(loading is through one (1) line 10'')

Copensa Terminal (importation)
Gasoline and diesel 5,000/7,000 bbls per hour
Fuel 3,000/4,000 bbls per hour
(discharge is through one line 10'')

Esso Terminal (importation)
Gasoline and diesel 4,000 bbls per hour/each line
Jet fuel 6,000 bbls per hour/each line
(discharge is through two lines 8'')

Texaco Terminal (importations)
Diesel 6,000 bbls per hour
Crude oil 8,000 bbls per hour
(discharge is throught one line 12'')


Not available.

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