• 1. Crew Issues

Crew Issues

The port has no specific immigration/visa requirements to the crew onboard vessels calling at the port. Every crew member must have valid passport and seaman's book.

Crew change is possible in the port/terminal/anchorage. Crew must have valid passport.
Shengen citizens no need visa for sign-on / sign-off. Only simple formalitiers at Harbour Master.          
Non Shengen :  sign-ons need Shengen visa from Greek Embassy or Consulate of their country   for  entering Greece , after proper application in Greek Embassy or Consulate (which takes some days). Sign-offs may obtain their Shengen visa in Volos immigrations , only for their repatriation.
The restrictions of Minimum Safe Manning Cert , and Safety Equipment Cert , must be always followed.  

For purposes of visiting the city, a crew shore-pass is issued , basis there is a valid passport. 

UK, Dutch , German , French , Italian  Counsulates available.

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