• 1. Freight tax

Freight tax

Withholding tax: 3% of the gross freight earnings derived from international transport activities of non-residential shipowners and/or operators, provided that the freight is payable in Colombia (Colombian source income).

Exemption Agreements

Residents of the following countries may benefit from double taxation agreements which reduce or waive the withholding tax. 

Double taxation agreements
Country Reduction Date of entry into force Date of effect
Bolivia 1 100%    
Canada 2, 3 100% 12/06/2012 01/01/2013
Chile 3 100% 22/12/2009 01/01/2010
 Czech Republic  100% 22/03/2012  11/02/2015
Ecuador 1 100%    
India 100%  07/07/2014 01/01/2015 
Korea, Republic 3  100%  15/07/2014 01/01/2015
Mexico 3 100% 11/07/2013 01/01/2014
Peru 1 100%    
Portugal 30/01/2014 01/01/2016
Spain 4 100% 23/10/2008 01/01/2009
Switzerland 4 100% 11/09/2011 01/01/2012
Limited treaties (Air, land and/or sea transportation)
Argentina 100% Air and sea transportation  
Brazil 100% Air and sea transportation  
Chile 100% Air and sea transportation  
France 0% Air transportation only  
Germany 100% Air and sea transportation  
Italy 100% Air and sea transportation  
Panama 0% Air transportation only  
United States 100% Air and sea transportation  
Venezuela 100% Air, land and sea transportation  
Comprehensive treaty negotiations currently in progress
Signed but not ratified
Signed 25/06/2015  
In the process of negotiation
 United Arab Emirates      
United Kingdom      
United States      


  1. Exemption based on Andean Pact agreement
  2. The treaty states that profits derived by an enterprise of a Contracting State from a transport by a ship..., where such transport is principally between places in the other Contracting State, may be taxed in that other State.
  3. The treaty includes a specific reference to bareboat hire.
  4. The treaty is based on the country where the effective management of the shipping enterprise is situated. If the place of effective management of a shipping enterprise is aboard a ship, then it shall be deemed to be situated in the Contracting State in which the home harbour of the ship is situated, or, if there is no such home harbour, in the Contracting State of which the operator of the ship is a resident.




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