Agency fee

Agency fees
Ship agency is controlled by the state agent Messrs. Kampuchea Shipping Agency and Brokers "KAMSAB". Agency fees are non-negotiable and governed the following mandatory scale.


  Article 1
The Kampuchea Shipping Agency and Brokers, acting as agents, in attending to procedure for foreign vessels' entry into and departure from Cambodian ports to transportation, loading/discharging, delivery, receiving of import/export cargoes, formalities for passengers' embarkation/disembarkation and to all other matters concerning vessels' activities in ports, shall collect the following fees in quoted in US Dollars.
Basic Fees
1. On Tonnage
a. Basis for calculation: vessel's GRT or DWT of motor lighter, lighter mother, lighter with tugboat
b. Scale of tonnage fee
Vessel's GRT USD
Under 1,000 GRT 400.00
From 1,000 to 3,000 GRT 500.00
From 3,001 to 6,000 GRT 600.00
From 6,001 to 10,000 GRT 700.00
From 10,001 to 15,000 GRT 850.00
From 15,001 GRT upwards 1,000.00
c. Reductions
Vessels under repairs in dry-docks shall be granted a rebate of 50%.
Vessels staying in port no longer than 48 hours for purposes other than discharging/loading of cargoes shall be granted a rebate of 50%.
2. On cargo
a. Basis for calculation: B/L quantity of cargo discharged/loaded in metric tons.
b. Rates of cargo fee
Commodities USD/ton
Liquid and bulk cargo 0.05
Bagged cargo 0.06
Light cargoes such as kapok, cigarettes, rattan, jute etc. are computed on the volume of cargo loaded 0.10
Other cargo 0.10
Cargo fee subject to the minimum payable 100.00
Passengers on passenger vessels, per person 2.00
c. For cargoes discharged/loaded at anchorage, the above rate shall be increased by 25%.
d. For survey of cargoes loading in containers, barges and discharging from containers, barges, the above rate shall be increased by 50%.
Additional Fees
Services rendered USD
1. Arranging transhipment 0.50/ton, minimum 30.00
2. Arranging fumigation 1% on fumigation cost
3. Attending to crew members:
a. Repatriation 40.00 per person
b. Entry visa 50.00 per person
c. Medical treatment in hospital 10.00 per person, per week
d. Death 300.00 per person
e. Law infringement 100.00-500.00 per case
f. Vaccination 10.00
4. Settling demurrage/despatch 5% on amount settled
5. Collecting freight 0.50% on freight collected
6. Booking cargo space 5% on freight/fare
7. Brokering sale/purchase of vessels/canvassing dry-dock 1% on price
8. Attending to vessel and crew in dry-dock 100.00 per every 10 days
9. Agency fees payable by owners of time-chartered vessels 15% of basic fee payable
10. Procuring general average documents 300.00-800.00 per case
11. Arranging surveys, extension of vessel's certificates, loading sea protest 20.00 per case
12. Attending to marine casualties and salvage 3% on amount involved 
subject to min. 100.00
13. Attending to delivery/redelivery of vessel 200.00
14. Collecting or transferring payment 0.30% on payment amount
15. Arranging for supply of bunkers, materials, provisions 1% on total price
16. Petty fees 20.00
17. Interest on disbursement advanced 2% per month
18. Survey of cargoes by Kamsab's cargo supervisor 100.00-250.00 per 0.50/ton
19. Issuing delivery order   4.00 per bill
20. Issuing commercial exported cargo bill of lading 15.00 per bill
21.  Issuing Shipping Order fees   4.00 per b/l
22. CTC (Container Terminal Charges)   0.30 per unit
For matters other than those stated above, handling fees to be subject to a mutual agreement between the Agency and the Entrusting Party.
Article 2
Apart from the fees stated in article 1, such expenses incurred during the conduct of business on behalf of the Entrusting Party as cost of normal correspondence, telephone calls, postage, bank charges, etc. to be for the account of the Entrusting Party, on the evidence of supporting vouchers.
Article 3
The Entrusting Party either under single voyage agency or long-term agency shall remit in advance a minimum deposit to the agency sufficient to cover all disbursements including port charges for one voyage. The above sum of deposit shall be estimated by the agency who will inform the Entrusting Party. After this remittance is received, should unusual expenses be incurred beyond the estimated items, the Entrusting Party shall remit additionally according to agency's request. Under exceptional circumstances, the agency may make advances for ship's disbursements and shall therefore be entitled to a monthly interest of 2% counting from the date of advances being made until the date of remittance received for reimbursement. (For the purpose, one month is defined as a period of 30 days, after the expiration of which part of a month to be counted as a full month).
Article 4
The agency is entitled to use the Entrusting Party's advances in usual disbursement and estimated items. For extraordinary or unexpected expenses, except those over 100 US Dollars, the agency shall ask the Entrusting Party for advice.
Article 5
The Entrusting Party shall settle directly with the agency:
  • All charges and dues collected according to the Kingdom of Cambodia's Laws, and Decree for vessel's entry and departure;

  • Other ship's expenses during stay in port.
Article 6
Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the statement of account and vouchers, the Entrusting Party should intimate their claims if any to the agency, otherwise vouchers shall be considered as correct and accepted.
Article 7
Orders signed by the Master or his delegate, and invoices acknowledged by the Master or any accredited person shall be considered as valid supporting vouchers.
Article 8
Under a single voyage agency, after ship's departure, the agency shall make out the trip account to be forwarded to the Entrusting Party, any balance in favour of the latter shall be refunded. Likewise long-term agency, the trip account shall be made out after each voyage, but the balance shall be computed at the end of each month only. The agency shall then ask the Entrusting Party's instruction as to the disposal of the balance in their favour.
Article 9
The agency fees above, quoted in US Dollars, shall be converted for collection into such foreign currencies as accepted by the Foreign Trade Bank of the Kingdom of Cambodia at the current official exchange rate published by the said bank at the time of ship's arrival.
Article 10
His Excellency, General Director, the Chief of Cabinet and the Director of the Kampuchea Shipping Agency and Brokers shall undertake to carry out respectively the present declaration. All previous regulations inconsistent with the present declaration are to be considered null and void.
Addendum of Additional Fees as per Ministry of Public Works & Transports Decision No. 394 PROK.SK effective 21 October 1996.
Article 1
To promulgate the international tariff on transportation fees, documents arrangement fees, VHF fees for agents services, which are quoted in US Dollars as follows:
I. Transportation fees:
a. Transportation fees for Agents services:
From Kamsab to Port USD 15 per day
From Kamsab to oil station USD 20 per day
b. Transportation fees for crewmembers going ashore:
From ship to Kamsab USD 10 per trip
From ship to airport USD 25 per trip
From ship to hospital USD 15 per trip
From ship to various places for the purpose of sightseeing or business relations in the City USD 25 per day
Remarks: The above mention tariffs as in (b) shall be increased by 50% on Sunday and National or International holidays.
II. Document arrangement fees:
Photographing tariff is charged at the rate of USD 0.20 per sheet
III. VHF fees for Agents services:
For using VHF is quoted at the rate, per vessel, of USD 10 per trip
Article 2
Excellency, General Director, the Chief of Cabinet and the Director of the Kampuchea Shipping Agency and brokers shall undertake to carry out respectively the present Declaration. All previous regulations inconsistent with the present Declaration are to be considered null and void.


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