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20 September 2016

BIMCOSALE is a standard bill of sale, which is the document used to evidence and effect the transfer of ownership in the ship from a seller to a buyer. With the delivery of the bill of sale together with the ship against payment of all sums due, ownership in vessel will be transferred. The latest edition of this document is BIMCOSALE, issued in 1978. Copyright in BIMCOSALE is held by BIMCO.


02 May 2018

SHIPTERM S is a standardised term sheet intended for use in a syndicated, secured term loan ship financing transaction. The term sheet has been prepared for use in transactions between a syndicate of lenders and one or more affiliated borrowers. The latest edition of this contract is SHIPTERM S, issued in 2018. Copyright in SHIPTERM S is held by BIMCO.


20 September 2016

NEWBUILDCON is the industry’s only international standard shipbuilding contract designed for use in any jurisdiction and for any type of ship. BIMCO’s objective in creating NEWBUILDCON was to balance the interests of shipowners and shipbuilders in a clearly written and well-structured comprehensive contract that improves upon the other standard forms in the market. The latest edition of this contract is NEWBUILDCON, issued in 2007. Copyright in NEWBUILDCON is held by BIMCO.