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Macro Economics - Recent die-hard optimism is being shadowed by dark clouds partly created by political problems. Key figures are falling short of expectations, but the direction is alright

13 June 2012

The recent optimism has fortunately not completely evaporated following the latest series of less positive economic indicators from across the globe, including India, the US, Brazil and Spain. The EU debt situation creates a lot of uncertainty, not only as regards economic development but also regarding the political situation on both sides of the Atlantic Basin.

Macro Economics - A cautiously optimistic outlook supports the road towards higher growth and reinstates stronger business confidence

11 April 2012

The global economy is getting better. The dark clouds that were piling up towards the end of 2011 have now spread, as brisk winds of change are beginning to restore optimism. However, the economic crisis is still not over and many tough political decisions have to be made before we can stand on top of a sustainable recovery. Three factors give us reason to believe things are getting better:

Newbuilding report dated 14 April 2020

16 April 2020

With a big cloud of uncertainty in regards to when shipbuilding demand could return into healthier volumes still casting its shadow over the shipbuilding industry, appetite for ordering remains very limited, while given the fact that it usually takes at least a few weeks between the time an order is placed and the time it is confirmed, it is only recently that reported activity volumes have started to accurately reflect the negative impact of the pandemic on contracting The weekly newbuilding report by Intermodal Research & Valuations feature, include newbuilding prices for dry bulk-, tanker- and gas shipping segments. Additionally, recent newbuilding orders are listed by units, type, size, yard, expected delivery date and price.